Montibel.lo styling products

At Abbey View Salon we use the full range of Montibel.lo styling products. These fantastic products are a pleasure to work with, from the high lift blondes to the rich copper tones and deep chocolate browns.


We obtain a deep rich colour which leaves the condition of the hair silky and healthy looking. Cromotone covers grey hair extremely effectively.

Montibel.lo products represent excellent value for money and we always have a good selection of stock available to purchase. Our stylists are always on hand to advise which product is most suitable for you and your hair type and style.

Two out of three women colour their hair regularly and of the one out of three colour their hair blonde.
Many clients like high lift tints and soft blondes more of a natural look.
Although now bleaching to higher levels 7 or even up to 9 levels PLATI BLANC bleach protects brightens ,lifts while reducing the risks of hair breakages.
Plati blanc contains pomegranate oil omega 5 so restores the hairs natural beauty, respects the hair and guarantees precise results.


• Extreme blond -lifts up to 9 levels
•Silky blond -lifts up to 7 levels
•Precise blond -a lovely cream to work with, ideal for free hand comb techniques
•controlled blonde-ammonia free oil based lifts up to 2 levels for controlled results.


The colours that illuminate and rejuvenate blonde hair.
Hair feels silky, catches different tones, gives shimmer purifies and neutralises unwanted yellow and brassy tones.
Blonde and super blonde a selection of 10 tones that lighten hair up to 4-5 levels.
Meteorite Cromatone Swatch

Cromatone meteorites TONER

The first dual action illuminating cream toner, it corrects and purifies hair colour and adds a fashionable touch of light
•neutralises unwanted tones
•corrects colour flaws
•evens out hair colour

A fashionable finish in 6 shades add a trendy finish.

Swatch 1


A range of cool multi-tonal shades with an iridescent metallic finish.

Achieving the most stunning effects on level 6-10.add 9 distinctive touch by creating cool shades that shine with the multi-tonal iridescence of precious metals.

Swatch 3